We have quite a large training facility located at 213 Wellington st, it is on an internal block on the corner of Wellington and Frankland st. Our facility is split into two sections as well as our massage and recovery area.


Group training section:

- Kickboxing, kettlebell, functional training, corporate groups and much more

- Equipment: heavy bags, 1000kg of kettlebells, focus pads, box steps

Each day this area transforms itself for multiple different uses (as pictured below). The empty space is great for bodyweight training, we have over a ton of kettlebells ready to be set up throughout the facility to create an effective functional training area, we have heavy bags that create an area into a great kickboxing gym and we have hooks set up to allow us to run suspension training group sessions.

Personal training section:

- Weight training, technique drills, one-on-one & small group training

- Equipment: barbell, dumbbells, training bags/balls, cable functional trainer, landmine, hip thruster, leg extension and a selection of state of the art cardiovascular equipment

- This is where all of our heavy lifting happens! With enough weight to satisfy even the strongest of us all. Here we have everything we need to fulfill a great strength and conditioning program with brands such as assault and concept 2 as focal points in our facility.


Below is our massage room located on site