What hours are you open?

CHPT is open by appointment, the doors are open when sessions are running or when Personal Training sessions are booked

How much do you charge?

Different sessions are different prices and factors may come into account, for example, the frequency of training may change the pricing. For specific cost information please contact me directly

What sessions do you run?

We run group sessions such as kickboxing, kettlebells and functional training as well as private training, small groups, corporate groups and sporting teams

When are your sessions?


I am elderly / injured or severely unfit, would I still be able to participate in your sessions?

Absolutely you can! We are qualified and comfortable taking clients from all backgrounds, all sessions can be adapted to suit individual needs without a worry at all

How often should I train?

Obviously the more often you train, the faster you will start reaching your desired goals, but of course, money and time is a factor, so if you can't train with us as much as you would like to, we can also write programs for you to train in your own time

Where are the sessions held?

One-on-One sessions are held in our private studio gym at 93a Balfour st, all other group training sessions are held in my larger studio at 136 Wellington st or at the Brickfields, members will always know where the session will be held

How big are the group sessions?

Every session is different but most sessions are capped at 20 people so there is enough equipment for everybody

What do I need to bring?

Only a drink bottle (cold water is available if you forget), a sweat towel and a good attitude!