Emma Worsley



Favorite session: Obviously I enjoy all the sessions as I was a regular client before I started as a trainer here but I'd have to say it would be Kettlebells! I always feel pretty badass after it..

Favorite Cheat meal: I am a sucker for a good platter! Biscuits, cheese, dip and I am set.

Personal achievements: I was fortunate enough to be a part of a few good rowing crews in my younger years, we actually won the U19's -eight- Australian National Rowing Championships as well as many other state level titles.

Least favorite exercise: Would have to be kick sits or long distance running.

Sporting heroes: I don't know if I have any particular sporting 'heroes' so to speak, but I have always thought Usain Bolt was very cool.

Favorite workout song: I change my mind all the time, but I've been listening to Spotify's 'Beast Mode' playlist lately

When do you like to train?  I prefer to train of a morning before work, but I always seem to perform better of an afternoon

Fitness goals: I strive to improve my big 3 lifts (bench press, deadlift & squat) I'm pretty proud of the weights i'm lifting now and want to keep that up. I would also love to get a good time in a 10km running event (although I hate it)

Something your clients might not know about you: I am a registered nurse and working at Calvary, St Vincent's Hospital. I'm also nearly finished my diploma of Massage Therapy.