Cory Hearn



Favorite Session - It's a bit of a toss up.. I think I would have to go with Kickboxing

Favorite Cheat Meal -  Ooooohh it has to be nachos and a milkshake.. Simply the best

Personal Achievements - A couple of achievements i'm proud of are, my MMA record (3-0-1), a black belt in karate, but to be honest I am most proud of this business and how far it has come

Least Favorite Exercise - As with almost every guy.. It has to be squats! Lunges aren't much fun either

Sporting Heroes - Fedor Emelianenko, Mike Tyson, Roger Federer

Favorite Workout Song - 'Rage Against The Machine - Killing in the Name Of'

When Do You Like To Train? My main training time is mid-late morning after my morning PT clients

Fitness Goals - I am happy with my fitness level whenever I can simultaneously run 5km in under 20 minutes and keep my bench press over 100kg. For me, this is a good balance of cardiovascular fitness and strength

Something Your Clients May Not Know About You - I was originally set to join Tasmania Police just out of College, the date was set and plans were in motion. The budget then got cut, and my course fell through. It was only then, that I decided to start Cory Hearn Personal Training! Without that budget cut, this business would never have started!